The Prenatal Plan What’s included: 1 x Prenatal Blend tablet
1 x Omega-3 Algae Oil softgel
£13. 99 / month
Our Prenatal Plan

Our Prenatal Plan contains two key supplements your body requires before, during and after your pregnancy. This combination helps keep both mother and baby healthy in a time when nutritional needs are increased. Our Prenatal Blend (The Baby Bloomer) tablet is one of very few vegan friendly pregnancy supplements on the market today. It provides optimum nutritional support and contains folic acid which is highly recommended by healthcare professionals to be taken during pregnancy. Our omega-3 supplement contains fatty acids which are extremely important during pregnancy and breast feeding, helping with healthy brain, eye and nervous system development of the baby.

The Perfect Combination
The Baby Bloomer Prenatal Blend Vegan Pregnancy Blend 325mg
  • - Optimum nutritional support
  • - Can be used before, during & after pregnancy
  • - Supports healthy growth of the baby
  • - Contains essential folic acid
Daily dose: 1 tablet a day FIND OUT MORE
The Master of Omegas Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil Algae Oil with DHA/ EPA 500mg
  • - Vegan source of omega-3
  • - 275mg EPA and DHA per capsule
  • - Supports cognitive function
  • - Aids cardiovascular health
Daily dose: 1 softgel a day FIND OUT MORE
What’s special about our Prenatal Plan?

Our aim was to create the most comprehensive, vegan-friendly Prenatal Pack for our customers. We have ensured it contains all the essential nutrients both mother and baby need to thrive. This includes our omega-3 algae oil supplement which is sourced directly from algae rather than from fish. We are the sole providers of a plan that offers a combination of essential prenatal nutrients and a vegan omega-3 supplement at great value!

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